Smile Face False Nails

RM62.00 MYR
All false nails are handpainted with gel and top coat. Get the acrylic nail look, in under five minutes and save on the price tag.

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10 X False Nails or 20 X False Toes
1 x 2g Nail glue or Adhesive Tabs (Please request Adhesive Tabs if required)
1 x Nail File
1 x Application Instructions
To apply your false nails, you first need to ensure that your nail beds are clean - prep is QUEEN!, please remove any nail varnish etc before application.

1. Gently push back your cuticle with the cuticle pusher provided (only available in your press on nail application kit, sold seperately)
2. Gently buff your natural nail with the nail file included.
3. Remove any oils from your nails by washing your hands or using an alcohol wipe (included in your press on nail kit, sold seperately)
4. Prep the false nails and apply your nail adhesive tabs or nail glue (use a small amount and do not get in contact with the skin), to your natural nail.
5. Apply the false nail and press down for 30 seconds, nail glue should not appear around the sides of your natural nail bed - if it does, please gently wipe off.
6. Repeat these steps for each nail, as prep is key in false nails lasting up to 3 weeks.

Measuring your natural nail is simple and easy! I offer three ways of measuring your nails for false nail application.

Sizing Kit:
The most accurate way to measure your new nails is with a sizing kit. Each kit comes with every size available in your chosen nail shape and a sizing leaflet to write down your measurements.

Ruler Method:
The ruler method requires cellotape and a ruler.
1. Stick a small piece of tape across your natural nail bed (make sure this covers the widest part of your nail)
2. Use a pen to mark the widest points of your natural nail bed
3. Remove the tape and measure the distance between the two lines in mm, with a ruler
4. Repeat for each finger
5. Make a note of these mm and include in the order instructions or send me a DM!

Photo Method:
You can also send me a photo of your nails on a clear background (so your nails are fully visible), with a coin I can size these against the requested nail shape. Please email me for this service.